X Factor’s Rai-Elle he’d change his schedule to perform live

Rai-Elle Williams has Stormzy on her side. The grime heavyweight and the small X Factor hopeful met when he performed live on the show, and now Rai-Elle has him on speed dial. What’s more, the Croydon nearby as of now has her sights set on a joint effort for the last, when the three contenders that have gotten the most noteworthy votes customarily perform with a megastar.

Rai-Elle talks about Stormzy like he’s a dear old companion.

Holly Tandy and Rai-Elle Williams value an embodiment of the VIP lifestyle at brilliance dispatch. They were two of the champion showings in the midst of the finish of the week’s latin themed live shows. In addition, Holly Tandy and Rai-Elle Williams were giving their hair a chance to down after their productive displays, valuing a pith of the VIP lifestyle at the Gigi Hadid grandness dispatch in London on Tuesday night.

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