Nicole Scherzinger held a late-night party with Matt Linnen

Nicole Scherzinger held a boozy late-night party with candidates in her changing area, abandoning one unfit to play out the following day. Matt said to have slept with another contender, really likes his tutor Nicole. Be that as it may, the session rankled security staff at the show’s London studio. An insider stated: “Nicole facilitated somewhat of a get-together after the show a weekend ago and she and Matt wound up remaining till late drinking.

“They get on truly well and are pretty coy with each other, however clearly it’s all blameless as Nicole is as yet observing her beau. “The following day Matt was truly feeling it and could scarcely oversee practices.

She as of late indicated she is planning to settle down, telling show co-stars Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne: “I’m searching for a spouse.”

A week ago it rose Matt went through the night with Grace Davies, 19, in the contenders’ home in North London.

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