Addison Agen will win season 13, say 89% of readers

Adam Levine has won three of the past 12 periods of “The Voice” yet he endured a noteworthy difficulty in his mission to win this present version of the truth rivalry arrangement. On the main live outcomes show of season 13 of “The Voice,” he had both of the last two vote-getters among the Top 12 specialists — Adam Cunningham and Jon Mero.

Each needed to sing one more melody to attempt and win votes cast by watchers by means of Twitter. At last, Cunningham won the Instant Save. We inquired as to whether Cunningham or Levine’s other residual craftsman, Addison Agen, has what it takes to win Season 13 of “The Voice.”

At the season of this composition, Agen has a stunning 89% of your vote while Cunningham scarcely enrolls twofold digit bolster, with only 11% of the aggregate count. On the off chance that you haven’t voted in our survey yet, read a concise recap of the melodies sung by each of these two specialists so far in the opposition and afterward vote in our survey as to which of these is the likeliest to win season 13 of “The Voice.”

Be certain to call out in the remarks area and to vote in our survey as to which of Levine’s three castoffs from the playoffs — Anthony Alexander, Whitney Fenimore and Emily Luther — was the most meriting to proceed onward to the live shows.

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